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Who We Are?

BINDAO is the new-age, Blockchain-based universe for Blockchain and crypto fanatics. It is a revolutionary platform for you to network with fellow enthusiasts, discuss upcoming projects and ideas, and explore a marketplace of the future. And of course, earn while you are at it.

The platform provides a Smart Contract-based referral system where you can earn TRX by simple and effortless activities like referring the marketplace to your friends. BINDAO drives the liquidity of its tokens and accelerates the demand as well.

Cryptocurrency has been the talk of every town for creating a sustainable and rewarding passive income. At BINDAO, we work to make this fun, simpler and much more exciting.

Here, you can keep the tokens and stake them to earn a recurring passive income and convert them into real money any time you want. We do not provide a mere referral program.

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How BINDAO Works?

BINDAO is the new-age, blockchain-based universe for blockchain and crypto fanatics. It is a revolutionary platform for you to network with fellow enthusiasts, discuss upcoming projects and ideas, and explore a marketplace of the future. And of course, earn while you are at it

DAO Services

Subscription for New Users and Referrals.

Each new subscription for the platform costs $100. $50 of which is used in the Active DAO Community while the other half is used for Universal DAO Club.
As an existing user, you have the liberty to refer other enthusiasts to subscribe. What’s it in for you?
You will earn 5% of the subscription amount each time when someone subscribes with your referral code.

Activity Incentive

Your friends whom you referred are active on the platform. Does it benefit you? You bet. The Activity Incentive offers you a piece of what your friends transact! Refer, sit back, and relax.


The person you referred won a reward. What do you get? 10%! That’s right.

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DAO Social


DAO Social, as the name would suggest, is where life is. It is a DAO-based social networking platform which allows you to meet fellow enthusiasts, discuss ideas, and share your milestones.
What’s more? It allows you to promote your own start-up in the space, get help from other professionals who might take you an inch closer to your dream.
The latest news and announcements would be right there with you. DAO Social aims to be new-age platform for people to get together, share their ideas and views, and help each other grow.
The most wonderful part about DAO Social is that it is committed to community welfare. It will help Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts around the world and maintain an ethical community code.

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DAO Venture

The DAO Venture program supports, protects, and promotes upcoming approved projects and start-ups.
It is a service which is exclusively available for our members. The new and upcoming ventures would be secured with smart contracts and the founders can access the mega marketplace to sell their products.
Blockchain-based products are bound to put a dent in the universe. DAO Venture aims to provide these ideas a voice and a microphone!
If you created something, it’s time you get what you deserve. It could be an NFT, or an entire metaverse. You can share it at the marketplace with minimal risk and incredible rewards.
Furthermore, if you are a user of BINDAO, you get exclusive access to all the latest Blockchain and tech-based startups. It’s a community that works for the betterment of one another.

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DAO Gratuity

What is DAO Gratuity and why should you be at the edge of your seat? Well, this is the exotic opportunity for you to create an affluent passive income.
As a Blockchain-enthusiast or a crypto-fanatic, do you know more people who are aligned with your interests? So here’s how it works. If you can refer five direct new users, you will get 0.5% a day and this could go upto a whopping 200%!
What happens when these referrals get more people? Well, you earn more! When the five members you referred refer five more, you will 1% a day, upto 300%.
When the 25 new members refer five each, you get 2% a day, upto 300%! And all you had to do was subscribe to DAO.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is essentially a programmed protocol which governs the execution and control of the terms of an agreement. It is a legally binding contract which reduces the need of intermediates and additional costs of agreement while significantly nullifying the chances of fraud.

While smart contracts are becoming a norm for Blockchain-based organizations to enter into an agreement without knowing each other, the earlier versions of smart contracts are known to all. Vending machines. Technically speaking, they are known to be the oldest technology equivalent to smart contracts.

DAOs are built around smart contracts. It gives the members of the DAO enough flexibility and freedom while enforcing the laws and terms of its agreement.

But this invites a question. How can a contract self-execute?

Let’s say, you are paid $1500 a week for working 40 hours. Now, someone has to approve your timesheet, and then approve your payment before the money reaches you. Even if it’s digital, there is someone verifying it at the backend.

With smart contracts, this someone is obsolete. The transaction history is authorized, recorded, and stored safely and publicly. Since everyone controls the contracts, no-one controls it. Thus, there is no chance of violation or tampering with the contract.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Welcome to the future. It’s here.
What is Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

Well, as the name suggests, it is an autonomous organization with no singular controlling authority. The founders set the rules while establishing the organization and all members, including the founders themselves, must abide by the rules.

Futurists, tech enthusiasts, and Blockchain fanatics consider DAO to be the future of employment contracts, home leases, business deals, and every legal contract. Arguably, it is the future of your career.
How would you like to work at a highly productive organization which has no boss, supervisor, or even a CEO! Well, that’s DAO for you.

So how does it work? Who authorizes and makes decisions? Computers and you! Yes, you have the power to make a decision. Since it is a decentralized organization, the employees collectively vote on decisions and drive the organization.

You agree to abide by the rules, values, culture, and company code that the founders set, when you sign your employee agreement. Of course, since we are talking about a futuristic organization, your employee agreement will not be on a piece of paper or a PDF. A smart contract will control it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we have answer

Answers for our most popular questions about sportsbetting, crypto, and BINDAO is governed and powered by its members, more specifically by DAO Members who acquired a specific level of knowledge and reputation within the
What makes us unique
Member-owned communities without centralized leadership.
A safe way to collaborate with internet strangers.
A safe place to commit funds to a specific cause.

Starting an organization with someone that involves funding and money requires a lot of trust in the people you're working with. But it’s hard to trust someone you’ve only ever interacted with on the internet. With DAOs you don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, just the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.
This opens up so many new opportunities for global collaboration and coordination.

To help this make more sense, here's a few examples of how you could use a DAO:
A charity – you can accept membership and donations from anyone in the world and the group can decide how they want to spend donations.
A freelancer network – you could create a network of contractors who pool their funds for office spaces and software subscriptions.
Ventures and grants – you could create a venture fund that pools investment capital and votes on ventures to back. Repaid money could later be redistributed amongst DAO-members.

The backbone of a DAO is its smart contract. The contract defines the rules of the organization and holds the group's treasury. Once the contract is live on blockchain, no one can change the rules except by a vote. If anyone tries to do something that's not covered by the rules and logic in the code, it will fail. And because the treasury is defined by the smart contract too that means no one can spend the money without the group's approval blockchain. This means that DAOs don't need a central authority. Instead, the group makes decisions collectively, and payments are automatically authorized when votes pass.
This is possible because smart contracts are tamper-proof once they go live on blockchain. You can't just edit the code (the DAOs rules) without people noticing because everything is public.

Decentralized autonomous organizations help in empowering new prospects for worldwide collaboration and coordination among organization members. With completely transparent and verifiable code, DAOs could take away the need for trusting other members in the organization. Basically, decentralized autonomous organizations streamline governance.

The membership period is tacitly extended for a new contract period of 12 months. Membership can be terminated up to 45 days before the end of the contract. The Participant must terminate his/her membership by e-mail.

A new Participant is able to access the marketplace the first 4 weeks completely free of charge, if not cancelled before the end of the free trial period, the company will be charged the annual membership fee.

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